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Author, Essayist & Academic

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Small Wrongs

Kate Rossmanith's Small Wrongs: How we really say sorry in love, life and law (UK & Australia, Hardie Grant Books, 2018) is a hybrid work of nonfiction combining field research, philosophy, and life writing. It is about remorse in the justice system and remorse in our everyday personal lives. What does it mean to demand an apology from someone? How can you ever tell if a person is truly sorry for what they have done?

"A delicate inquiry that moves with grace between public and private pain." - Helen Garner

"Small Wrongs is memoir-writing at its best"  - Sydney Morning Herald

"I love this book. Rossmanith does everything I want a nonfiction writer to do. Small Wrongs is dazzling." - Claire Dederer


Praise for Small Wrongs

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About Kate

Kate is an author, essayist, and academic. Her book, Small Wrongs, a hybrid memoir about remorse in the justice system and in our everyday personal lives, was published in June 2018 by Hardie Grant Books.